Pancake-swap is developing at a very fast speed, and the developers are extremely good at creating and integrating new business use-cases, for example, they have integrate almost all of the state of the art DeFi (swap/staking/farming/IFO) into their system as long as the NFT use cases (Lottery / profile).

However, one thing Pancake-swap does not handle well is the data info page that is supposed to sync and display the latest exchange information to the users for reference. The data is lagging behind about 1M blocks, which is about 20% difference of the whole history. The data back-end (source code)…

We have retrofitted the staking pool and Yield farm to the new BNKY token. There are something new comparing with the old BNKY token economy:

  1. We used solidity 0.80 compiler, which has integrate SafeMath in the contract, which means our contract is safer;
  2. New BNKY will only be generated through stake pool and yield farm, stake pool will have token rate of 0.05 BNKY per block, and will only last for 3 months. Yield farm…

On April 15th, the condition we were worried about has happened; the hacker account moved 600,000 BNKY to another account and traded 10,000 BNKY on the BNB/BNKY pair. I was lucky to find this 11 minutes after these two transactions, and I finally decided to hard-fork BNKY to a new token and notified this decision in the telegram group. My reason is as follows:

7 days have been passed since the massacre of Jackie’s sales of BNKY token; for a few days, I live under the fear, anger, and regret of the wrong decision I’ve made. Fortunately, yesterday, I found him in our group and disguised with another name, “Cao Dat” which I think might be his true name. I asked him a series of questions, and without any doubt, he lied again. Therefore, I decided to kick him out of the group; write down all the histories of what happens for the record of myself and supporters of Bonkey dAPP.

The story started…

we will open a writing contest about Bonkey and the Bonkey meme for our users!

Uses of Bonkey Dapp for new projects, how to use it, why use Bonkey? and what Bonkey can do (IDO, IFO, NFT)
1st prize: 10k BNKY
2nd prize: 5k BNKY
third prize: 2k BNKY
Note: Send the contest to mail with the content: test method + photo or article + twitter post link with hastag @BonkeyDapp


2. Impressive Meme Award:

step 1: visit website:

step 2: select IDO for BONKEY Protocol v0.1(BNKY:BUSD)

Step 1: visit our website: and choose “Bonkey Dapp” or go to the link:

Step 2: choose to “create project”

List of winners give aways on March 19

  1. @rihayan5 wallet: 0xB4FE35e50226c5d12570760731b74e4157a2a5bB
  2. @hanamsyah1 wallet: 0x461eaC82C8b3DAd68ebdd5055b00415dFcee7534
  3. @stsam4 wallet: 0x50ef5c0e0eA1e4F14C81E061a4D68c596f19A2Ae
  4. @mamunggalau wallet: 0xe5c4047E5BE14C1e32Cd4f28d1C83879eFCb3238
  5. @AgusDona1 wallet: 0xFA8c95a4331F8bA603aeB5B88f1710e2F039605A
  6. @danisena25 wallet: 0xE1e9829DA428823E798077139ce1714f572BA137
  7. @theolaide_cv wallet: 0xCfE058CED560C1dAeb520ED0d1abeF0615952666
  8. @Cryptogirls9 wallet: 0x2622Cf31E4fC61339911b1EA438Afcc6cB610c2F
  9. @Prisaiello wallet: 0xdA83e93CCE67d67Ba086D61BD43ec32e7e4d2f6A
  10. @prof_omoyayis wallet: 0xa1C6fbFF43E22C1596Ff881B85c9Ea117e725e33
  11. @dr_arriarta wallet: 0x64266B4231C14DC075141c473b2579D910B5dD7E
  12. @BgRizky3 wallet: 0xb3C84c5835E91098a2f296D9498520D4662bAf5a
  13. @Kinami1313 wallet: 0x4c4A31a72d1f9511029C45F8C743AeA3ca4F9A12
  14. @abbeesco wallet: 0x75E99B5Ebf1c8e1D061369B20B57856C181Bfcf7
  15. @GendengWira wallet: 0x8fD7b2F90C80E848f1242392F458eA5f57b53570
  16. @YudhaPaundra wallet: 0x54760da0309F915D9C677f898AEf8dD2202af92f
  17. @boylasro04 wallet: 0xcDbEFe4d153E9c85c4390F13c8600d9207D69710
  18. @cryptopunk33 wallet: 0xd0E22e05392e6d76ab04A0793d70eBE3D1807325
  19. @Vveebu31 wallet: 0x750bd59a3F861C236b111e7668a165712e71680F
  20. @kacafezinho wallet: 0xa06C6d10A96fEc544272550F9bb64D683194679c

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is so fast that the developer of this chain just focus on writing their codes, and forgot to write a decent document. We all know how to transfer from Binance Chain (BC)to BSC using the bridge, but for some reason they banned you to withdraw from BSC to BC using this vehicle. However, they do provide a document to show how to transfer from BSC to BC — for hackers who can understand the trick. Now we show you how to do it in a easier way. Which is divided into these steps:

Up on march 2nd 2021 pacific time, we have received 157 responses from our quiz. We will address these feedbacks soon. And of course, the second round of airdrop will be released on March 5th 2021. results:

Bonkey dAPP

Create a decentralized working and innovating environment for everyone.

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