Pancake-swap is developing at a very fast speed, and the developers are extremely good at creating and integrating new business use-cases, for example, they have integrate almost all of the state of the art DeFi (swap/staking/farming/IFO) into their system as long as the NFT use cases (Lottery / profile).


List of winners give aways on March 19

  1. @rihayan5 wallet: 0xB4FE35e50226c5d12570760731b74e4157a2a5bB
  2. @hanamsyah1 wallet: 0x461eaC82C8b3DAd68ebdd5055b00415dFcee7534
  3. @stsam4 wallet: 0x50ef5c0e0eA1e4F14C81E061a4D68c596f19A2Ae
  4. @mamunggalau wallet: 0xe5c4047E5BE14C1e32Cd4f28d1C83879eFCb3238
  5. @AgusDona1 wallet: 0xFA8c95a4331F8bA603aeB5B88f1710e2F039605A
  6. @danisena25 wallet: 0xE1e9829DA428823E798077139ce1714f572BA137
  7. @theolaide_cv wallet: 0xCfE058CED560C1dAeb520ED0d1abeF0615952666
  8. @Cryptogirls9 wallet: 0x2622Cf31E4fC61339911b1EA438Afcc6cB610c2F
  9. @Prisaiello wallet: 0xdA83e93CCE67d67Ba086D61BD43ec32e7e4d2f6A…

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is so fast that the developer of this chain just focus on writing their codes, and forgot to write a decent document. We all know how to transfer from Binance Chain (BC)to BSC using the bridge, but for some reason they banned you to withdraw from…

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